What is a Wallcovering/ Wall Fabric?

ARTSKY wallcoverings are made from polyester yarn and various fabrics. Unlike other embroidered wallpaper which is 'embroidery on paper' our product is made from 100% fabric. It is embroidered with many different materials including silk and cotton to create a vibrant, shimmering wallcovering. The wallcoverings are 2.7m to 3m in height and our rolls open horizontally so you can have a single piece cut to cover the length of your wall regardless of how big it is.

How is a Wall Fabric produced?

ARTSKY employs Nano-yarn dyed technology. Raw natural material (yarn) is cleaned, dyed and sterilised for up to four hours at 120 degrees Celcius. This avoids pollution caused by the manufacture of dyed fabric, print fabric and printed wallpaper. This yarn is then woven/embroidered into beautiful wallcoverings. 

Is it Fireproof?

Just like all other wallcoverings, wallpapers and fabrics it will eventually ignite in the case of serious exposure to flames however with added elements our wallcoverings are tested to B1 DIN4102 standard which makes them very difficult to ignite. Check our videos section for more details,

Can it be cleaned?

Yes it is very easy to clean. Using our cleaning solution (sold separately) cleaning jobs are completed in minutes.

How is it installed?

ARTSKY wallcoverings are cut to size according to your wall length or requirements.  The wall is pasted using good quality wallpaper glue and the fabric is hung to the wall just like normal wallpaper. Check out our videos section for an installation video

Why do some items take 7 to 14 days to deliver?

We try to keep our UK warehouse up to stock however due to manufacturing processes and times, some of our stock is kept in our international warehouse and upon ordering is immediately cut to your requirements and carefully and professionally packed for dispatch on the next working day.